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  • Sales and Marketing Meetings
  • Incentive Meetings
  • Event Marketings
  • Annual Association Meetings
  • Product Launches
  • Tradeshows
  • Green Meetings
  • Educational Seminars
  • Leadership Training
  • Company Outings


For the past 17 years Wayne Hoffman has traveled to all 50 states and over 53 different countries presenting his stage show and his motivational speech.  His stage show “Mind Candy” is a 75 minute interactive show that will absolutely blow your mind.  Wayne engages the crowd with an interactive show that presents both mind reading and visual magic.

Guests will instantly become part of the show as Wayne incredibly plucks thoughts out of their minds and has them participate in mind-boggling demonstrations.  The audience will participate both as a group and individually as he brings them on stage for a night they will never forget.

One of Wayne’s signature routines will leave you breathless as he has a random audience member merely THINK of their cell phone number and proceeds to call them while they sit in their seat.  The moment their phone rings will send chills up your spine.  In another demonstration, Wayne will actually present a live demonstration of time travel. It’s something you have to see to believe.

If your looking for more than just entertainment then Wayne can also present his motivational keynote speech entitled “The Power and Potential of The Human Mind” that is based on his wildly popular book.  In this presentation the audience not only sees unbelievable entertainment, but they also hear his personal life story of triumph.  During this keynote your guests will learn a powerful four-step process that teaches them how to achieve any goal they might have.

Regardless of which presentation you choose, we guarantee that you will walk away with an absolute rave review of Wayne’s spectacular skills.  His ability to create an instant rapport with his audience combined with his comedic timing and masterful skills will leave you astonished.  Join the hundreds of people who have Wayne perform year-after-year and experience true magic.  Don’t waste any more time and contact us today to check availability and rates.

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Wayne Hoffman has performed for Fortune 500 companies across the globe.  Now it’s your turn!
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Trade Shows:

For over a decade Wayne Hoffman has helped hundreds of business attract large crowds a trade show booths across America. Trade shows are the perfect place for a company to establish business increasing relationships. No other form of marketing allows you to actually shake hands with hundreds of potential clients. But, in order to reach that elusive new customer, the exhibitor must stop the traffic passing by the booth, and show them what your company has to offer. With hundreds of exhibitors at a trade show, how is your company going to stand out from the competition? How are you going to impress them and make them remember you? “Magic With A Message” was developed to maximize your visibility. In 1991 Wayne Hoffman started his trade show magic career. His goal was to stop traffic, then explain the features and benefits of a company and its products by using mind reading and magic as a presentation technique. Wayne’s trade show performances quickly became a popular and unique way for an exhibitor to become the most remembered company on the trade show floor. The reaction to Wayne’s informative entertainment was unsurpassed!

Every company should acknowledge that not all trade show performers are the same. To become a good trade show Infotainer one must be a salesman, a marketing genius and an amazing performer. The performer must dress the part, maintain a good corporate image, AND be a master at their craft. Through “Magic With A Message”, you can increase your companies potential at your next trade show. Wayne Hoffman is the world’s best trade show performer and masterfully skilled in the art of stopping potential clients and selling your product or service to them. Your message will be carefully woven into an entertaining script allowing you to show what you’ve got on the trade show floor. Wayne will guarantee more traffic at your booth. And that is a money-back guarantee. Wayne has NEVER failed to increase traffic at a companies booth. What are you waiting for? Now that you know what Wayne is offering, send him an email and schedule the date.


Aisle-View Presentation:

So you want to draw huge crowds to your company’s trade show booth without losing this year’s budget?… The Hoffman Entertainment Aisle-View Presentation is the ideal way to add an interactive demonstration to any trade show exhibit, regardless of it’s size. Even in a typical 8×8 booth, an Aisle-View Presentation will easily add a custom scripted, amazing presence to your exhibit. The great part is, Wayne only needs emough room to be able to stand in your booth! And, because the live demonstration faces the busiest aisle of your booth, the crowd draw potential is automatically maximized without having to spend any extra money.

Each Aisle-View Presentation lasts approximately ten to twelve minutes and is repeated two or three times per hour. This schedule allows Wayne to draw huge crowds away from your competition, while allowing sufficient time between demonstrations for your sales staff to answer more detailed questions from your qualified leads after each show!


  • As with all Hoffman Entertainment productions, your custom-scripting and messaging is always highlighted.
  • HUGE crowd magnet!
  • Money-back guarantee!
  • Two or three live presentations each hour lasting ten to twelve minutes each.
  • Gets your sales message into the minds of the attendees in a fun way.
  • Custom scripting & messaging.
  • If you want to do real business on the trade show floor Wayne Hoffman’s Aisle-View Presentation is the perfect and affordable solution for increased visibility and memorability. With proven and guaranteed results there is nothing else your booth needs! So now you know what Wayne can do. Send him an email and EXPERIENCE what he can do.