The Book


In May of 2012 Wayne Hoffman officially published his book entitled “Mind Candy”  under his pen name “Wayne Nicholas Hoffman.” The book is a motivational book that teaches you how to achieve any goal you have set for yourself.  Wayne engages your senses with analogies and personal stories from his own life.  He uses these stories to emphasize his concepts.  If you want to walk on the moon, this book shows you how to do it.  If you want to start your own company, Mind Candy will show you how.

The book teaches a four-step process that combines positive thinking and proven business tactics to create an almost magical change in your life.

This is the information that answers your questions about success. 67% of the people that read this description will disregard it, not read this book, and continue to lead a life of mediocrity. The others who take a chance to read the pages within will change their lives forever. Be one of the few who learns how to control their destiny.



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